Friday, August 29, 2008

The Fellowship of the Ring: Update One

I'm remembering why, when I set my mind to reading these books last time, I pooped out. Don't get me wrong, it's a great story! I just....[sigh]....there's so very much history, backstory, and detail Tolkien includes in his stories.

Still, it's the very first book and I'm going to pave my way through! Maybe the next book I pick will be more...I dunno...streamlined.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beginning Lord of the Rings

I already own the Lord of the Rings books, so I'll start with that. In fact, I've begun the first volume at least once, which gives me yet another reason to go ahead and start with that one.

So, off I go.

What this is

So, it occurred to me that my 30th birthday is just around the corner! In some ways, I've already gone through the "Oh. my. word. that's. the. FIRST OVER-THE-HILL! Ack!" wave of emotions because my older sister (and only sibling) already turned thirty a year ago...but still. It's a landmark age, people.

Some people make a pre-bucket list, filled with goals like "I want to go skydiving" and "I'm going to learn to water-ski, make a souffle, and shoot a hole-in-one in golf!" Not me!

Why is that?

1) Those things are expensive, and I'm afraid I can't afford them.
2) Skydiving? Water-skiing? Golf? No thanks. I don't enjoy sports and athletics now, and I'd hardly commemorate my thirtieth birthday happily if I torment myself with a year one failed attempt after another to improve my frustratingly lame gross-motor skills.

The question is, what sort of List is appropriate to me? Those who know me, especially those who have known me a majority of these (nearly) thirty years will say a list of books!

So there it is. I'm reading thirty books (or trying to) before I turn thirty.